Location of the Glanderspitze - Venet:

The Glanderspitze, also named Venet, is a mountain located in the Austrian Oetztaler Alps near Landeck and Zams (Tyrol).

About the Glander Spitze:

This mountain has an altitude of 2512 meters above sea level and you can reach it from the Venet hut.
Climbing the top does not pose many problems.

Huts you can use to reach the Glanderspitze - Venet spitze:

Venet Gipfelhütte, Galflunalm, Venetalm

Other villages and valleys nearby this mountain:

Landeck, Zams, Fliess, Fuchsmoos , Pitztal, Wenns, Oberinntal, Imst, Kaunertal

Other references for the Glanderspitze:

Alps, Alpen, Europe, Europa , Austria, Oostenrijk, Autriche, Österreich, Vorarlberg, Tyrol, Tirol, Kärnten, Karinthië, Salzburg, mountain, berg, berge, spitze, punta, point, top,

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Glanderspitze - Venet

Altitude  2512 m 
Mountain chain Alps 
Region  Tyrol 
Country  Austria 
Country 2  
Region 2   
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