Advertise on this site at ridiculously low prices
With an audience of mountain lovers and visitors rising, is the ideal place to advertise or make announcements related to mountain-related topics. Commercial or even nonprofit. To make it possible for any mountain association to announce their activities we have kept prices very low.
You can already advertise at 4 Euros per 10 day period.
We will not get rich of this, but every contribution, however small, is a helping hand and ensures the further development of this site. In order to make it easy for you, we have the completely automated the banner procedure.

What you have to do:
1. Select the location of your ad
You will perhaps have noticed that there are some pages that have banner spaces with the message: "Advertise Here". Click on it (or on the adjacent button), then you go to the English page where you can request your publicity.
On top of the form you will see a drop-down list from which you can choose the location of your publicity. Warning: you will only see the list of available ad slots. If the list is empty, all seats are filled.
Leading the list is the language of the page. NL for the English version of the site and EN for the English version, followed by the page where advertisement can be placed. Those are:

- Banner on selection list (cabins or mountains): the page next to the country page of the huts and mountains where you can make selections.
- Banner on countrylist (cabins or mountains): the country selection page from cabins and mountains.
- List tourist offices: the page where you can select tourism offices.
- Picture of the month: "Photo of the Month" page.
- Banner on galleries: the page with the photo galleries
- Banner guides list: the page where you can select a mountain guide.
- Banner travel stories: page where you can find travel stories.
- Welcome page top: is the upper banner on the right side of the welcome page.
- Welcome page middle: the banner in the middle of the welcome page

Behind the location you also get to see the dimensions of the banner in pixels followed by the price per 10 days.

Before you go further you need to ensure that you have a banner (jpeg, or png image) that meets the dimensions of the selected area.

Can’t you create your own banner or you want a really professional look, then we can take care of that. We work together with a professional graphic designer who has much experience. You only need to enter your order using the form on this page. You will see that the prices for this are quite democratic.
2. Specify Title and URL
Then you need to give your advertising campaign a title. This makes communication easier afterwards.
Then it is important to specify the Web page (URL) to where people needs to be sent when clicking
your banner.

3. Select File
Next you need to select your banner on your computer for upload.
Make sure you will upload the banner in the correct size.

4. Email
Type your email address. This is important if we need to contact you regarding your publicity.

5. Deadline
Then you specify the period that you wish to advertise (minimum 10 days). The site then automatically
calculates the amount you have to pay.

6. Continue
Then click “Continue” button to go to the confirmation page. There, you get an overview of what you
have entered. If you click on "live preview", you get a preview of the page including your banner.
The payment method is PayPal, but there you can also pay with your credit card, even through your
normal bank account once you have a Paypal account.
Click on "Edit Info" if you want  to go back and change data.

7. Payment
Then click "Confirm and pay" to make the payment.
You end up on the Paypal website where you can pay directly with your credit card such as Visa or
MasterCard, even if you have not (yet) Paypal account.


Once your payment is in order, and we have your banner, it is subject to audit. For the safety of our visitors, we do not want them to be redirected to a questionable website. That is why we first want to check your banner. This usually goes quickly (same day), but it can also take several days, depending on our other activities, so keep that in mind here.