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AT (Tyr) Aperer Freiger 3262 m
DE (Bav) Biberkopf 2599 m
DE (Bav) Bockkarkopf 2609 m
AT (Sal) Dreiherrnspitze 3499 m
AT (Vor) Dreiländerspitze 3197 m
AT (Tyr) Fanotkogel 2905 m
AT (Tyr) Floitenspitze 3195 m
AT (Tyr) Furtschagl Spitze 3190 m
AT (Car) Fuscherkarkopf 3331 m
AT (Sal) Gamsspitzl 2888 m
DE (Bav) Geisshorn - Geißhorn 2366 m
AT (Tyr) Gigalitz 3001 m
AT (Tyr) Glanderspitze - Venet 2512 m
DE (Bav) Glasfelderkopf 2271 m
AT (Sty) Greifenberg 2618 m
AT (Car) Grosser Bärenkopf 3396 m
AT (Sal) Grosser Geiger 3360 m
AT (Tyr) Grosser Krottenkopf - Großer Krottenkopf 2656 m
AT (Tyr) Grosser Löffler 3378 m
AT (Tyr) Grosser Möseler 3479 m
AT (Tyr) Grosser Trögler 2902 m
AT (Vor) Grosses Seehorn 3121 m
AT (Sal) Grosses Wiesbachhorn 3564 m
AT (Tyr) Grossglockner 3798 m
AT (Sal) Grossvenediger 3666 m
DE (Bav) Hammerspitze, Oberstdorfer 2259 m
AT (Tyr) Hintere Stangenspitze 3225 m
AT (Tyr) Hochfeiler - Gran Pilastro 3510 m
DE (Bav) Hochfrottspitze 2649 m
AT (Sty) Hochgolling 2862 m
DE (Bav) Hochgrundspitze 2460 m
DE (Bav) Hochrappenkopf 2424 m
AT (Sty) Höchstein 2543 m
AT (Tyr) Hochvogel 2592 m
AT (Sty) Hochwildstelle 2747 m
AT (Sal) Hohe Dock 3348 m
AT (Tyr) Hohe Riffler 3231 m
AT (Tyr) Hohe Wand 3289 m
AT (Tyr) Hoher Weisszint 3371 m
AT (Tyr) Hohes Licht 2651 m
AT (Tyr) Horn Spitze - Berliner Spitze 3254 m
AT (Tor) Innerer Kesselkopf 2897 m
AT (Tir) Innerer Knorrkogel 2884 m
AT (Car) Johannisberg 3453 m
DE (Bav) Kanzelwand 2059 m
AT (Sal) Keeskogel 3291 m
AT (Sty) Kieseck 2681 m
AT (Sal) Klockerkarkopf - Vetta d'Italia 2912 m
DE (Bav) Kratzer 2428 m
AT (Tir) Kristallwand 3310 m
DE (Bav) Liechelkopf 2384 m
AT (Sal) Lungauer Kalkspitze 2471 m
DE (Bav) Mädelegabel - Trettachspitze 2644 m
AT (Tyr) Mairspitze 2780 m
AT (Car) Mittlerer Bärenkopf 3358 m
DE (Bav) Muttlerkopf 2368 m
AT (Tyr) Olperer 3476 m
AT (Tyr) Östlicher Feuerstein 3267 m
AT (Vor) Panüeler kopf 2860 m
AT (Sty) Pietrach 2390 m
AT (Vor) Piz Buin 3312 m
AT (Tyr) Rainerhorn 3559 m
DE (Bav) Rappenseekopf 2469 m
AT (Tyr) Rosswandspitze 3157 m
AT (Tyr) Rotbachlspitz 2895 m
AT (Tyr) Roter Grat 3099 m
AT (Sty) Rotmandlspitze 2453 m
AT (Sty) Sauberg 2520 m
DE (Bav) Schafalpenkopf 2321 m
CH (Grb) Schesaplana 2965 m
AT (Sal) Schlieferspitze 3290 m
AT (Tyr) Schönbichler Horn 3133 m
AT (Tyr) Schrammacher 3410 m
AT (Tyr) Schwarzenstein - Sasso Nero 3369 m
AT (Vor) Silvrettahorn 3244 m
AT (Sal) Simonyspitze 3481 m
AT (Vor) Sonntagspitze 2882 m
AT (Sty) Steirische Kalkspitze 2459 m
AT (Tyr) Turnerkamp 3416 m
AT (Sty) Vetternspitze 2524 m
AT (Styr) Waldhorn 2702 m
AT (Tir) Weissspitze 3300 m
AT (Vor) Widderstein, Grosser, Großer 2533 m
AT (Tyr) Wilder Freiger 3418 m
AT (Tyr) Wilder Pfaff 3456 m
AT (Tyr) Wollbachspitze 3210 m
AT (Tyr) Zuckerhütl 3507 m