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Cabins Basic information on the location V V V
Detailed information about beds, facilities V V
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Information about maps, hotels and holiday homes in the area and tourism offices. V V
Tourist information and current information of the cabin guard. V V
Location map V V
Pictures of the cabin V V
Contact details of the hut and cabin guard V
  Connections to other cabins     V
  Charts and waypoints on the route to other cabins     V
  Climbs you can do from the cabin     V
  Topographical and aerial map     V
  Route descriptions     V
  Read comments from others and write comments yourself     V
  Indicate if you have visited a cabin     V
Mountains Basic information about location and altitude V V V
Pictures of mountains V V
  Nearby cabins     V
  Map of the location and topographic map     V
  Climbing descriptions     V
  List of mountain guides     V
  Read comments from others and write comments yourself     V
  Indicate if you have climbed the mountain     V
Mountain guides Contact information and expertise of mountain guides V V V
List of mountains V V V
Current information on his activities V V V
Toerism offices Contact information, nearby cabins and the latest news V V V
Links See external links and add yours V V V
Galleries Access to galleries   V V
Photo of the month Opportunity to vote for the photo of the month V V V
Travel stories Read travel stories and add your own   V V
My page Changing personal information, passwords and email V V
Personal webpage on this site V
Upload documents and write messages V
Hall of Fame Contribute to the development of the site and so end up in the Hall of Fame   V V
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